Tuesday, May 14, 2013

jensen chapter 2

This chapter helped me further understand class and the societal views.  Individualism and consumerism controls the main focus of American Society. As I have probably said before class is not something I completely understood.
Some still believe in this American Dream that was created a long time ago. And some are still trying to achieve this dream. Unaware of the many barriers to get there. Barriers being race, gender, family values,  and cultures. "Classism in America is based on the assumption of the superiority of middle (and upper) class styles, tastes, attitudes, and values. Everyone is taught in school which ones are "good" schools, "good" manners, "proper" English, the "best" occupations. Everyone sees the movies and other media telling which are the "normal" people. the assumption that professional and managerial advancement is the measure of human worth is hammered at all of us from virtually ever major social institution."
These upper class ideals fit into this American Dream many people are trying to achieve.  Therefore, with idealizing this class it gets reproduced in our every day life to the point we are numb to it.  It is seen every day, without critical thinking skills we may still be believing these idea of there is no class. We are taught to believe we all have an equal chance of this ideal: n matter of race, culture or values.  i have to say i believed it once, but since this course i do not see it the same. I have individual struggles to reach advancement.
Jensen does a great job with her examples and tying it to how class is designed to help the reader understand its context.
As seen in many texts, this concept of individualism, classism and wealth is not evenly spread in our society.

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